Birdie - reverb deluxe

If a Boo spots Mario while he is a Boo , it develops an attraction for him and follows him. If a Boo hits Mario, Mario loses the powerup, but does not lose any health.

Common Six-Letter Words The following list is based on TWL2006 and CSW2007 and lists words that are common to both lists.

Although Birdo is not playable (as she appears only in the top right corner of the screen), she aids Toad (the main hero) by providing him with encouragement and as a look out for Wario throughout the rounds. Birdo will also shout instructions and encouragement to Toad from the corner. If Toad takes too long to complete a level, Wario would grab Birdo, replace her, and cause trouble for Toad. After Wario’s timer is up, Birdo returns, and continues to help Toad. The round ends once Toad defeats all the enemies. The instruction manual for this game calls Birdo "Catherine", which is her original Japanese name.

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A vinyl double-LP was reissued by London-based label Germs of Youth to coincide with the box set. It is an exact copy of the 1984 release (limited to 300 copies), hand stamped with the original stamp and signed/numbered by the band.

Birdie - Reverb DeluxeBirdie - Reverb DeluxeBirdie - Reverb DeluxeBirdie - Reverb Deluxe